In the Backyard

– When I was growing up, the backyard was my favorite place to be. My brother and I would play all kinds of games, throw the baseball, build castles with toy trucks and tractors. As I grow older, I still love to peacefully sit and enjoy nature in the backyard. Springtime smells so fresh and […]


COLORING BOOK – print out and color a coloring book based on the song “Words To Live By” OR ACTIVITY SHEETS – fun stuff to do based on Mister Cooper songs  

Activity Sheets

Here is a brand new feature of the Mister Cooper website that I hope you enjoy. My good friend, Rosemarie, had the idea that the songs included on my music CDs could be used as subject matter for some activity sheets. Some are puzzles that you may have to figure out, some may be as […]

“Land Park News” (2/26/2015) & “East Sacramento News” (3/5/2015)

“The Land Park News” & “East Sacramento News” Reprinted from “The Land Park News” – February 26, 2015 Additional content (in italics) from “East Sacramento News” – March 5, 2015 Sacramento children’s musician releases best album yet (Children’s musician Mister Cooper with his fans from Tiny Tots preschool in Land Park. The group of pirates […]

Sean Fisher Term Paper

***************************************************************** A young man named Sean Fisher came up after a library show and asked if he could write a term paper about me for a music class at Sac. City college. He sent me some questions to answer and the rest was up to him. Here is the resulting paper. Maybe this will be […]

Pirate Ship

– This song was the most difficult to write and record, for some reason. I have 25 re-writes for the lyric. Marisa Atha sang harmony on the chorus and we lowered her voice an octave so she sounded more manly. Women on a pirate ship is bad luck, right? Pirate ship, pirate ship I was […]

Walt’s Waltz

– I have lots and lots of these little instrumental ditties. There was another one on my first CD (“Dancearound”). I could record a whole CD of them, if I had to. They sure are fun to play.

Win – Win

– This song came from a collection of 7 songs (now 8 songs) having to do with the book, “7 Habits of Happy Kids,” by author Sean Covey (Stephen’s son). Habit #4 is called “Win – Win” and so is the song. Win – Win, Win – Win That’s when we both win You win, […]


– I had no idea that “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” had 5 verses. I really enjoy singing this song. And thanks to Marisa Atha for singing it with me. That’s a xylophone, if you wanted to know. Twinkle, twinkle, little star How I wonder what you are?
 Up above the world so high Like a […]

This Little Piggy

– This is the song that started my interest in all the other Mother Goose songs. I was surprised to learn this was a Mother Goose rhyme. But it is. And a rocking’ little number as well. I used to sit in the bathtub And count my toes My mom would always sing this song […]