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Here is a brand new feature of the Mister Cooper website that I hope you enjoy. My good friend, Rosemarie, had the idea that the songs included on my music CDs could be used as subject matter for some activity sheets. Some are puzzles that you may have to figure out, some may be as simple as coloring a picture. Each and every activity sheet can be printed out, if you prefer. More activity sheets will be added all the time so be sure to check back and see what’s new. I really hope you like what you see. It’s now time for FUN


Dr. Seuss is on the Loose is one of my favorite songs to sing. And what could be more FUN than having a picture of the Cat in the Hat to print out and color? I don’t know. So here you go…



Here’s a picture of Tiny Tim for you to print out, trace and color. Then draw some bubbles on there, if you want. It’s up to you. Have fun

turtle edited


The song 7 Continents has always been one of my favorites. Can you locate all 7 continents on a map of the world? Go ahead, print one out, and give it a try. Then color each continent in a different color. That’s fun

7 Continents Sheet


Here’s some pirate puzzles for you landlubbers out there. If you were born on a Pirate Ship, it should be easy. A word search, some counting, and a maze? Aye, Captain. No, it’s the other eye…



I sing Months of the Year everywhere I go. And we cheer for the month we’re in right now. But can you spell each month? Give it a try. It’s FUN.

Month Scramble Sheet


You know how many colors there are in a rainbow. But do you know what the order is? It’s time to sing along with 7 Colors in a Rainbow and color along while you’re at it. Print one or many right now.

7 Colors Rainbow Sheet


This activity sheet goes along with the song Dr. Seuss is on the Loose. Can you spot 5 differences between the two pictures. They look the same…almost.



Everywhere I go people want to know about Matilda the Gorilla. Here’s an activity sheet you can print out and color. Ooh Ooh Ahh Ahh.

Matilda #2


The song Bugs can be found on the CD titled “This World.” You can count the bugs, just don’t step on them (walk around them).



You can see that the fish on the right has swallowed the bait. But which bobber is attached to the line that is attached to the hook that is attached to the worm that is attached to the fish? The song 3 Little Fishies was one of my mom’s favorite songs to sing.



Here is another activity sheet to see if you can spot 5 differences between the Pirate Ship pictures. You’ll have to use both eyes. That’s aye, aye, matey.




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