Play Date

– My friend, Sarah Mertyris, is a photographer (and mom of Noe) who has taken all the great pictures for my Facebook page. She suggested I write a song about two kids going on their first play date. We went back and forth with the lyrics. This is where we ended up. Thanks, Sarah, for everything.

Let’s have a play date
You could be my playmate
We could play together
In my living room
We could watch a movie
On the big TV
Share a sugar cookie
And laugh all afternoon

Oh, a play date would be so much fun
And something new
Oh, a play date would be so much fun
With a friend like you – that’s true

We could take wood blocks
Out of my toy box
Build a giant castle
Way up to the sky
We could paint a picture
Of my little sister
Using every color
For her rainbow smile

When we get a little older
Maybe we could have a sleep over

We could start a garden
In the backyard then
Dig up buried treasure
Just like pirates do
Ride the tire swing
Talk about anything
Do a little dancing
And sing a song or two



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