In the Backyard

– When I was growing up, the backyard was my favorite place to be. My brother and I would play all kinds of games, throw the baseball, build castles with toy trucks and tractors. As I grow older, I still love to peacefully sit and enjoy nature in the backyard.

Springtime smells so fresh and sweet
It’s fun to run without shoes on your feet
Trees are stretching up to the sky
Bumblebees are busy buzzing on by

Sun is shining through the leaves
I hear a cricket knocking his knees
Birds are singing my favorite song
So much is going on
In the backyard
In the backyard, yeah yeah
In the backyard
Out in the backyard

The neighbor’s cat jumps over the fence
Showing off his independence
A mourning dove in a shady spot
She built a nest in an old flowerpot

A warm breeze blows on my face
Flowers blooming all over the place
Squirrels are chasing each other around
I love the sights and sounds
In the backyard



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