Win – Win

– This song came from a collection of 7 songs (now 8 songs) having to do with the book, “7 Habits of Happy Kids,” by author Sean Covey (Stephen’s son). Habit #4 is called “Win – Win” and so is the song.

Win – Win, Win – Win
That’s when we both win
You win, I win
Win – Win

This is not about you
And it’s not about me
It’s about the both of us together
We’ve been fighting all week long
And now it’s time to see
If we still can be best friends forever
We need to communicate
And see where we agree
What can I do to make you happy?

Have you ever heard of
The Golden Rule?
It’s about compassion and kindness
Do unto others as you’d
Have them do to you
Maybe if we make the choice to try this
We could both get what we want
And what the other needs
It feels good to do a good deed

win win


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