This Little Piggy

– This is the song that started my interest in all the other Mother Goose songs. I was surprised to learn this was a Mother Goose rhyme. But it is. And a rocking’ little number as well.

I used to sit in the bathtub
And count my toes
My mom would always sing this song
And here’s how it goes

This little piggy went to market
This little piggy stayed home
This little piggy had roast beef
This little piggy had none
And this little piggy went “wee wee wee”
All the way home
All the way home

I couldn’t stop laughing
When mom would tickle my feet
She’d say my little piggies
Were sweet enough to eat

I would look like a raisin
If tub time lasted too long
I remember those good times
And I remember the song



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