The Colors of Us (2016)

NOTE — If you can’t make it to a library show, or your youngster doesn’t sing with me at school, you can order this CD online from Amazon and iTunes. If you’d like to just listen, try Spotify: Or YouTube: Thank you for your continued support of my music. CD DESCRIPTION: The idea for […]

This Old Guitar

Sometimes I play my 1947 Gibson LG2 with a mahogany top. We’ve been through a lot. It’s a great guitar. When I sit with this old guitar It’s like we’ve never been apart My favorite songs come back to me Sounds like home to my heart When I sit with this old guitar Mahogany and […]

Running Around

– I didn’t know where this song was going when I first started writing it. I like where it ended up. And I finally got to use one of my favorite lines – “youth is wasted on the young.” Ain’t it the truth? My baby’s running around Bare feet barely touch the ground Faster, faster, […]

Happy Mouth

– This song took me as long to write as it did to sing. Enjoy the kazoo. Brush your teeth Brush your tongue Brush your cheeks Brush your gums Floss each tooth both North and south And you will have a happy mouth You will have a happy mouth

Smaller Bites

– I don’t usually write songs telling kids what to do unless they need to BE SAFE. There’s the song, “Wash Your Hands,” from the 1st CD and now this one. I need to remember to do this too. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, snack time too Take smaller bites, smaller bites No one’s going to […]

The Gingerbread Man

– Here is my version of the classic story, “The Gingerbread Man.” It might be a little different than how you remember it, but the ending’s the same. Poor Gingy. A little boy craved something sweet He asked his mom for a cookie to eat She baked a batch and afterward The oven door opened, […]

Loud and Quiet

– Here’s another song from the “Songs For School” CD. The students love singing the loud part. The quiet part, not so much. Take me out to the ball game Take me out to the crowd Root, root, root for the home team That’s the time to be loud But when you’re in the library […]

Play Date

– My friend, Sarah Mertyris, is a photographer (and mom of Noe) who has taken all the great pictures for my Facebook page. She suggested I write a song about two kids going on their first play date. We went back and forth with the lyrics. This is where we ended up. Thanks, Sarah, for […]

The Colors of Us

– This is a song from a CD I made called “Songs For School.” It’s a multi-cultural song a few of the teachers asked for. All of the kid names belong to actual kids who attended Tiny Tots in Land Park a couple of years ago. The teacher shall remain anonymous. Molly has a head […]

Look at that Cat

– My cat’s name is Macy. She drives me nuts. I figured if I wrote a song about her, I’d get a laugh out of all the frustration. It’s working… so far. Look at that cat, look at that cat She’s lying like a rug, flat on her back Look at that cat, look at […]