Pirate Ship

– This song was the most difficult to write and record, for some reason. I have 25 re-writes for the lyric. Marisa Atha sang harmony on the chorus and we lowered her voice an octave so she sounded more manly. Women on a pirate ship is bad luck, right?

Pirate ship, pirate ship
I was born on a pirate ship
The seven seas have carried me
On this endless trip
I was born on a pirate ship

The first thing I remember
Is water everywhere
A flag of Jolly Roger was waving in the air
The Captain was my father
His beard was black and hairy
And even when he laughed, it was scary

My mother’s name was Margaret
The captain called her Peg
She had a hook on one arm and a wooden leg
She gave us each an earring
And we all had to wear it
Including the Captain’s pet parrot

Now I am the captain
And the story has been told
Of my love for treasure, silver, jewels, and gold
Hollywood came calling
Now I’m a movie star
The film about my life is rated “Arrrrrgh”



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