This World (2009)

If you can’t make it to a library show, or your youngster doesn’t sing with me at school, you can order online from Amazon and iTunes. If you’d like to just listen, try Spotify or YouTube

Thank you for your continued support of my music.


Mister Cooper has done it again. I’ve recorded a brand new CD called “This World” and it’s available now. Filled with good-time acoustic folk music, these 19 original songs are geared towards slightly older children (age 7-12) and their grown-ups. Just like my debut CD, “Mister Cooper,” the new tunes feature guitars, accordions, kazoos, a tuba, and some of Sutterville School’s finest kid singers. Some songs even have drums! This time, the songs are about bugs, fossils, conservation, Elvis, and the Statue of Liberty. Now you can read along and sing along with me…

Here is a picture of the recording session for “This World” in the Sutterville Pre-school classroom. From left to right: Mister Cooper, Victoria, Guillemma, Leeza, Michael, and Colin. My friend, Richie Lawrence, took the picture on his phone.


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