Mister Cooper is for the Birds (2011)

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Mister Cooper’s newest CD is upbeat, acoustic roots music filled with lots of original songs that are both educational and fun. The new recording captivates listeners with lyrics about birds (of course), the life of a seed, Matilda (a gorilla), Dr. Seuss, gratitude, and helping the earth survive through conservation. Instrumentation includes guitars, mandolins, banjos, kazoos, basses, a tuba, an accordion, a Steinway piano, pedal steel, as well as some fine harmony singing. The sweet sounds of children’s voices can also be heard from time to time. It’s quality music for the whole family. In total, this is a CD that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

A Parents’ Choice Approved Award Winner “Mister Cooper is for the birds”
Acoustic musician and music educator Ken Cooper has an inviting, down-home way with a song, finding inspiration in the interconnectedness of living things, confidence-building (“Yes I Can”) and the joy of reading (“Dr. Seuss Is On the Loose”). Among the highlights: Cooper’s humorous spin on the definition of living spaces (“a peach is a house for a peach pit/a sandwich is a house for ham” in “A House is a House for Me”) and a tribute to that ubiquitous pause-filler, “Um.”
Lynne Heffley © 2011 Parents’ Choice

Satisfied customers (Jack, Leila, and Casey) show their new Mister Cooper CD to friends and neighbors at the Great Land Park Spring Egg Hunt. What a fantastic time we had.


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