The Land Park News” & “East Sacramento News

The Land Park News” & “East Sacramento News

Reprinted from “The Land Park News” – February 26, 2015

Additional content (in italics) from “East Sacramento News” – March 5, 2015

Sacramento children’s musician releases best album yet

(Children’s musician Mister Cooper with his fans from Tiny Tots preschool in Land Park. The group of pirates got together to sing some tunes from “Pirate Ship,” Mister Cooper’s latest album.)

By Monica Stark

Hailed by children at Tiny Tots Preschool in William Land Park, “Pirate Ship,” the new album by Land Park children’s musician Mister Cooper, includes eight Mother Goose rhymes, the title track, and a song about the adventures of a doodle bug.

With many songs kids already know, Mister Cooper mixes in a lot of fun little lines here and there, adding in what he calls, “some new information.” What happens to Humpty Dumpty after he fell off the wall? Well, he says, that’s for the children to find out.

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