Pirate Ship (2015)

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* * * If you would like to read a nice, big “Land Park News‘ + “East Sacramento News” newspaper article about the “Pirate Ship” CD, now you can by clicking here.


Pirate Ship is the title of the latest CD released by Parents’ Choice Award-winning recording artist and music educator Mister Cooper. The 17-song collection is a mixed bag of homemade, upbeat, folk songs written and/or arranged by the Sacramento, CA. based singer/songwriter. Highlights, to be sure, are the 8 songs based on Mother Goose rhymes. Have you ever wondered what happened to Humpty Dumpty after his fall? Did you know Old King Cole held concerts at his castle? Mister Cooper answers these questions and more with a natural blend of fresh, witty, acoustic music served up family style. The title track, “Pirate Ship,” tells a story that sparks the imagination in kids of all ages. There’s something special for every ear, big and small. Be the first in your neighborhood to bring home a copy of Pirate Ship (Hot Biscuits Music 005). You’ll be glad you did.


For all the lyrics to all the songs, please visit the lyrics page


Produced by Scott McChane and Mister Cooper

Recorded by Scott McChane @ Cooperstown Studio (Sacramento, CA.)

Mastered by Matt Baxter @ Baxter’s Ranch Recording Co. (Auburn, CA.)

All songs by Ken Cooper © 2014 Hot Biscuits Music (BMI) except:
“Doodle Bug” traditional with additional lyrics by Ken Cooper © 2014 Hot Biscuits Music (BMI)
“Twinkle” and “Simple Simon” are public domain with music by Ken Cooper © 2014 Hot Biscuits Music (BMI)


Leo and Max Adams: vocal
Marisa Atha: vocals
Eric Bianchi: bass, vocal
Ethan Bianchi: vocal
Keith Cary; steel guitar
Richie Lawrence: piano, accordion, vocal
Michelle Lewis: vocal
Scott McChane: drums, vocals
John O’Kennedy: dobro
Mister Cooper: everything else


Scott McChane, Richie Lawrence, Matt Baxter, each and every singer and player, my family and friends all over the world



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