Here are 3 videos from the and premium websites. They used their animation with my music. An excellent combination, if I do say so myself. Please check out the videos and websites. You’ll be glad you did. And thank you to Mike Gray for allowing me to post these on my website.

Here’s a little ditty called “Number Gators.”

This one’s called “Comparing Numbers.”

And finally, here’s a peppy little number titled “Numbers 0 to 10.”

Here I am singing the song “Help the Earth Survive” (from the CD “Mister Cooper is for the birds“) at Funderland for the party held on 6/29/2012. A wonderful time was had by all. Thanks to Chris Hopkins for shooting the video.

Here is a video of the Sing-Along Club at Belle Cooledge Library. We meet there every Wednesday at 4 pm. Join us, won’t you? Thanks to Keilah Woodard of Sacramento Sidetracks for posting it.

It’s the Funky Freeze Dance, yo. More from Belle Cooledge. Thanks again, Keilah.

This video was recorded one morning at Sutterville Elementary School with the A.M. kindergarten class. “3 Little Fishies” is still a favorite everywhere I go.

Another video recorded the same day. “Words To Live By” is a song I made up – there’s even a coloring book for this song.

Here’s one of the songs performed during the Winter Concert ’08 at Sutterville Elementary School.

This is a video of the song “Rise and Shine” by the greatest band in the world, the Loose Acoustic Trio. Find out more by going to Tell ’em Mister Cooper sent you.

Here is the mighty mighty Loose Acoustic Trio at the Sunrise Farmers Market playing “Johnny Appleseed” written by Mr. Richie Lawrence.


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