Junk Drawer

– There actually is a junk drawer in my desk filled with all the stuff my son played with as a kid growing up. Father’s Day presents, Pokemon cards, clay figures, a gold Giga-Pet, and a slide whistle are also included. And so much more…

A comic book
A fishing hook
A matchbox car
A plastic guitar
Some coins and rocks
A music box
Scrabble squares
And Beanie Baby bears

Memories of you and me
Souvenirs, kept through the years
Some say this junk drawer is one big mess
To me it’s better than a treasure chest

A Thomas train
A paper airplane
A blue kazoo
A picture or two
A cat’s nametag
Crayons and a flag
A whiffle ball
And some Tylenol

One day you might settle down
And start a family
Then I’ll show them this junk drawer
And the way it used to be

junk drawer


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