I Can’t Wait

An unreleased Christmas song that was left off the CD.

It’s Christmas Eve and everybody’s sleeping
Gifts are wrapped and underneath the tree
Santa visits boys and girls
All around the world
But no one’s more excited now than me

I can’t wait
No, I can’t wait
Other kids can wait so patiently
I can’t wait
No, I can’t wait
I can’t wait to see what I will see
I can’t wait

So I tiptoe through the living room, flashlight in my hand
I only want a little look around
I’ll peel a corner off just one, take a peek inside
Then sneak back to my room without a sound

My mind has a mind of its own
And doesn’t like surprises
What I need is self-control
Until the sun rises

My finger slips, the paper rips, and falls to the floor
It’s a new guitar I truly love
I look up and see my dad is staring back at me
There’s only one excuse I can think of


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