– I always knew this song was going to end the CD. It was the last lyric written, completed the night before I sang it.

Summer evening, firefly, firefly
Like I’m dreaming, firefly
You come into sight
Flashing little light

Weaving, swerving, firefly, firefly
Dancing, curving, firefly
In the August breeze
Take me with you, please
Don’t be shy and fly by, firefly

What’s your secret, firefly, firefly
I can keep it, firefly
Whisper in my ear
All I need to hear
Show me how to glow, now, firefly

You say the place to start
Is right here inside my heart, firefly

See my love shine, firefly, firefly
I’m on cloud nine, firefly
I can twinkle, too
And sparkle just like you
Flying high, I’m smiling, firefly



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