Yes, I Can

Can you sing your ABCs?
Can you say “thank you” and “please”?
Can you share your toys with me?

Can you build a tower of blocks?
Can you put on shoes and socks?
Can you drink juice from a box?

Can you wiggle all your toes?
Can you unbutton your clothes?
Can you wipe your runny nose?

Can you write your name with chalk?
Can you skip instead of walk?
Can you listen while I talk?

Now can you take your sweater off?
Can you cover when you cough?
Can you crisscross applesauce?

Can you throw and catch a ball?
Can you stand up straight and tall?
Can you get up when you fall?

Now can you eat an ice cream cone?
Can you use the telephone?
Can you point to your jawbone?

Now can you wash and dry your face?
Can you tie your own shoelace?
Can you help clean up this place?

Yes I can, yes I can, yes I can.


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