Snack Time

I walked into the Valley Hi Library for music time one week and saw 3 kids, sitting next to each other, eating snacks. I said, “it looks like it’s snack time.” I made up the music on the spot and finished the lyrics in 2 days. Sometimes, a song will just pop out like that.

Snack Time
Snack Time
How long must I wait
Till I finally see
What my mom made for me?
When will it be?
Snack Time

Well, I ate my lunch 3 hours ago
And it tasted mighty fine
I missed my nap, now I’m hungry again
It happens every time
My mom carries a big goodie bag
Stuffed with every kind of food
I hope that soon she gives me something
To cure my cranky attitude

Sometimes it’s carrots and sometimes it’s cake
Sometimes it’s trail mix
Sometimes it’s crackers, sometimes string cheese
Sometimes potato sticks
My favorite snack is a muffin
That’s filled with fresh blueberries
Please open up that zip lock baggie
And take two out for me


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