Rise and Shine

This is another song I recorded for a Loose Acoustic Trio CD. We used to start every Farmers Market gig on Saturday morning with this tune. Wake up!

Every day the sun wakes up
And stretches out it’s light
Across the countryside
And all the colors of the earth
Turn from dark to light
Morning comes alive
Rise and shine

The rooster rears it’s head and hollers
Cock a doodle doo
And starts his daybreak song
And all the cows and chickens
Horses and the pigs
Begin to sing along
Rise and Shine

You’re still comfy
Cozy in your bed
Dreaming your dreams with a sleepy head
You sleepy head

The smell of breakfast cooking
Rambles through the house
And every one gets up
Scrambled eggs and bacon
Toast with homemade jam
Fill that coffee cup
Rise and shine


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