Me and You

Another of the songs I recorded for the “Sorrow Be Gone” CD with the Loose Acoustic Trio. Richie Lawrence and Steve O’Neill joined in again so I could include it on Mister Cooper CD. Thanks, boys.

Look outside, it’s a beautiful day
We’ve got nothing planned
Let’s take a walk through the neighborhood
And hold each other’s hand

I know a short cut past the park
To the Farmers Market there
A jug band plays those good time tunes
Music fills the air

It doesn’t matter where we go
Or what we do
Just as long as it’s me and you
Me and you

Let’s dust off our bicycles
And take ‘em for a spin
We’ll get our shorts and t-shirts out
And let the sunshine in

We could roll to the riverside
And rent a little red canoe
You get a line, I’ll get a pole
I’m gonna catch more fish than you

All this talk has tired me out
We’ve scared me half to death
I think I’ll sit back on the couch
And catch my breath

Come here, kids, there’s lots of room
Let’s stay home instead
Didn’t we get a movie to watch
And pizza bread?


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