I Like Your Hat (2013)


NOTE — If you can’t make it to a library show, or your youngster doesn’t sing with me at school, you can order online by going to CDBaby for physical CDs and iTunes or Amazon.com for digital downloads. You can also listen there to samples of all songs. Please beware of shipping and handling charges. Thank you for your continued support of my music.

Last summer, I started thinking about recording a new CD. So, I looked through the original songs I had piled up to see if a theme or thread ran through them. There were four tunes I previously recorded with the Loose Acoustic Trio (the folk/Cajun/ragtime band I play with) that I wanted to include on a Mister Cooper CD. The lyrics needed to be re-written to make them kid friendly. Then I finished up a few other songs reflecting on childhood from a parent’s perspective. There was also some new material that was a little bit different than what I had sung on the last record, “Mister Cooper is for the birds.” This current project was turning out to be an album about kids (instead of for kids) that the whole family could enjoy. At the last minute, I added a couple of songs that I could sing at school with the 2nd graders. That was enough to start creating the CD titled “I Like Your Hat.” Once again, Scott McChane engineered, mixed, and produced the proceedings. He even designed the cover artwork. Now, at long last, this new music is ready for the world.

What you’ll hear is 16 songs, half with the band (Richie Lawrence – accordion, piano, vocals and Steve O’Neill – bass, vocals) and half on my own. Lauren Norton (of the Davis band Souterrain) sang the harmony vocals. And some of the sweetest girls at Sutterville Elementary School added their voices to a few numbers. This time around, there’s a song about hats (of course), rain, a bully, snacks, and playing horsey with your dad. Also included is a version of “Pinball Wizard” by the Who, done up Mister Cooper style. It’s acoustic, up-tempo, good time music that will make you smile all day long. I really hope you like it…

Mister Cooper (March 2013)

Here’s a picture of those sweet girls getting ready to sing their hearts out on the song “I Like Your Hat.”


From left to right – Riley, Sarah, Aidan, and Lauren. Thanks for singing along.

Review by Madeline Woodard for Sacramento Sidetracks:

My name is Madeline, I am nine years old. I love music and make up my own songs at home. I was asked by Mister Cooper to listen to his album and review it on my mom’s website. This album is different from the rest because with this one, now that I’m getting older, I could still enjoy it. I had fun listening to it, singing along, and dancing around to it. I think everyone (families altogether etc.) will enjoy this CD and just dance around to it. I would really like to point out some of my favorites which include: I Like Your Hat, which was catchy and cute I thought; A Friend Like Me was my favorite song on the entire album; Get on Your Feet and Dance made me want to “get on my feet and dance!” It was really awesome that I got to review this album and I really appreciate the opportunity. I hope you and your family have a great experience with this album just like my family and I had.

Mister Cooper: I Like Your Hat

Listen to samples of the songs (for FREE) by clicking on the above link. Thanks…


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