First & Second Grade Sing

Picking up where the Kindergarten Sing program leaves off, Ken Cooper continues reinforcing reading skills with 1st and 2nd grade students. His guitar accompanied singing program supports curriculum by utilizing Open Court unit themes and principles. This year long residency is also linked to California and Sacramento City Unified School District reading standards. Music and lyrics support ELL language exploration and assist with rhyming skills that help bolster CELDT testing.

Using the document reader to show song lyrics, children read and sing, as well as learn. The songs featured in this program, including original songs written by Mr. Cooper, coincide with and enhance subject matter contained in the grade level Anthologies. For example, an Open Court unit on fossils would include songs about fossils, dinosaurs, or prehistoric times. Vocabulary used in song lyrics is discussed. Reading comprehension strategies such as visualizing, monitoring reading speed, and making connections to songs are utilized.

By listening, responding, recalling, and rhyming, a student’s letter and sound recognition is reinforced. The 1st and 2nd Grade Sing program provides many other benefits to children. ELL, GATE, and general education students all sing together. Community singing with classmates builds self-esteem and adds enjoyment to language usage in the classroom. Kinesthetic and visual learners needs are addressed and supported. Students learn to focus on the task at hand and follow directions while appreciating live music. Mr. Cooper visits each 1st and 2nd grade group (2 classes per group) one day per week for a 1/2 hour session throughout the entire school year.

Cost: $1000 for one class (25 students or less), $1500 for up to 2 classes combined (50 students), once a week for the entire school year.


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