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The brand new CD titled “Mister Cooper is for the birds” has now been released. I’m so excited to be able to share it with you. It’s got 18 big songs for your listening enjoyment. Included on this recording are “Matilda,” “Circle Of Seeds,” “Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose,” and many more tunes that will keep the whole family singing and smiling. You’ll hear plenty of guitars, banjos, mandolins, and basses. There’s also a tuba, an accordion, a Steinway piano, kazoos, a pedal steel, and lots of sweet harmony singing. Online ordering is now available by clicking here. To purchase a copy, saving on the shipping and handling, come to a Sing-Along Club meeting at a library near you. So, please pass the word. Tell your friends and neighbors. Let the whole world know. Mister Cooper is for the birds!

Track Listing:
1. All The Birds
2. Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose
3. Matilda
4. There Is Love
5. Paint Yourself A Different Color
6. Bluebirds
7. I Went To Visit A Farm
8. Circle Of Seeds
9. Good Afternoon To You
10. UM
11. A House Is A House For Me
12. Yes, I Can
13. Seven Continents
14. Help The Earth Survive
15. I Don’t Know
16. That’s What Beauty Is
17. Thank You For Everything
18. Music In The Park

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  1. Mister Cooper has really evolved with this 3rd CD. In my opinion, the songs are heartfelt and the best he’s written. The recording and mastering on this CD sound very professional. The CD contains some songs that are already well known and many new ones that are very, very good. It was a joy to listen to.

    Thank you, Mister Cooper for bringing this music to all of us.

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