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Before I get started on a topic that is of great importance to me, I first want to say how thankful I am for everyone’s participation at the libraries where I play music. I am so grateful that you pack up the kids and come out to see me each week (or month). Words can’t express how cool it is to hear you singing along with me and having fun. More and more people have begun to attend the programs and, therefore, the issue of safety has come up at all the libraries.


Whether it’s the excitement of hearing a rockin’ song, dancing the Freeze Dance, or simply getting a Mister Cooper hand stamp at the end of music time, sometimes kids aren’t always considerate of others around them. In time, that will come. For now, I am calling on all grown-ups to please take extra care with their children. Here are some of the ways you can help make music time more safe and comfortable for all:

Please keep close to your kid(s) – you need to be able to get to them at any moment. If there’s an accident or incident, it is best if you can reach them easily so they will feel safe by your side. Please keep track of where they are.

Please keep aisles clear – strollers can be parked in the back of the room. Please make sure everyone has access to everywhere.

Please remind bigger kids to be careful of little kids – there have been a lot of babies showing up for the Sing Along Club. And that’s great. I love it. But there is a danger of them being stepped on or danced on unintentionally. Big kids need to be aware of this.

Please be ready to leave – everyday may not be a Mister Cooper day. If your little one is being cranky or hyper, it might be best to take them to the back of the room or out to the park for a break. Or maybe next week will be a better week.

Please join with me in making music time at the library fun, comfortable, and SAFE. Thank you for your assistance in making this happen for many more weeks to come. I’ll see you soon…

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