Recording Has Begun

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Hooray! Recording has begun for my 3rd kids CD. I have been talking about it for months and now it is finally happening. This picture was taken in Richie’s living room while recording the song “Matilda the Gorilla.” Richie plays the accordion (and piano) on all of my CDs and also in The Loose Acoustic Trio. 3 songs were recorded there a couple of weeks ago. Last Sunday, I started the rest of the songs at my new friend’s house. His name is Scott and I’ll be going back there soon to finish up the basic tracks. Right now, 18 songs are being recorded for the finished CD. Some of the titles include “Matilda,” “The Circle of Seeds,” “Doctor Seuss Is On The Loose,” and Trevor Zinky’s song called “That’s What Beauty Is.” How many of these tunes will make the final cut? I don’t know, which is also the name of another song scheduled for the CD (“I Don’t Know“). And if I come up with a new song soon, that one may go on there as well. It’s all part of the fun. Creative mistakes can sound great sometimes. Unexpected things happen. Some songs take a turn for the worse. Others come out better than you ever thought they could. Hopefully, it will be completed by the end of the year. I will let you know what’s going on every step of the way. Stay tuned…

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