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I was thrilled when I read the email telling me I had received a Fall 2011 Parents’ Choice Approved Award for my CD “Mister Cooper is for the birds.” I clicked on the link and here are the kind words I found:

“Acoustic musician and music educator Ken Cooper has an inviting, down-home way with a song, finding inspiration in the interconnectedness of living things, confidence-building (“Yes I Can”) and the joy of reading (“Dr. Seuss Is On the Loose”). Among the highlights: Cooper’s humorous spin on the definition of living spaces (“a peach is a house for a peach pit/a sandwich is a house for ham” in “A House is a House for Me”) and a tribute to that ubiquitous pause-filler, “Um.””
Lynne Heffley © 2011 Parents’ Choice

Here is a little more information about the Parents’ Choice Approved Award:

The Parents’ Choice Approved Awards are given on the basis of the production, entertainment and human values they exemplify. It indicates a wholesome product that helps children enjoy developing physical, emotional, social or academic skills.

And here is a little something about the Parents’ Choice Foundation:

Parents’ Choice Foundation is the nation’s first and most respected nonprofit guide to quality children’s media and toys. An independent testing and information organization since 1978, Parents’ Choice is dedicated to providing trusted recommendations for books, toys, music, video games, digital media and more. Learn more at

Thanks again to the Parents’ Choice Foundation, Lynne Heffley, and everyone associated with this fine honor. Now, does that make me “Award Winning Children’s Recording Artist and Entertainer Mister Cooper”? I guess…

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  1. What a wonderful accomplishment to enhance a wonderful CD.

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