Out On A Limb

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I had forgotten about this until just recently, but then it happened 25 years ago…

The Dillards were a California bluegrass band in the 1960s. They were famous for their appearances on the “Andy Griffith Show” television series as “The Darlings.” In real life, they were one of the first bluegrass bands to electrify their instruments, making them pioneers of the So. Cal. country rock genre.

They were recording a new CD in 1989 and their producer (Herb Pedersen) heard a song of mine called “Out On A Limb.” He and Rodney Dillard wanted to record it for the project. But there was a problem. Rodney, being a fundamentalist Christian, didn’t want to sing the first verse as it was.

“We are lying here
Side by side beneath the moon
A million stars will shine the light
On our bedroom”

The issue was with the word “bedroom.” So, he asked to change it to this.

“We are lying here
Side by side beneath the moon
We share the hours of the night
That pass too soon”

The song was recorded and the record company, Vanguard, liked the recording and wanted to make a video of the band playing it. TNN, the Nashville Network, hyped the new Dillard’s video for two weeks. It was due to air on Friday morning, Jan. 18, 1991.

My mom was visiting me since it was my birthday week and what a celebration we were going to have. Since the morning video show started at 6 am California time, I told my mom that I would wait until the video came on before I woke her up.

I set the alarm clock for 6 am, woke up early, and turned on the television. I then heard the announcement that Operation Desert Storm had started and TNN was honoring our troops by playing patriotic videos all day long. For the next 3 hours, I sat and watched Lee Greenwood, Ray Stevens, and all the boys sing songs about America. At 8:59 am, the hosts of the morning video show announced that they were going to play the new “Out On A Limb” video by the Dillards. I woke my mom up and we watched together. What a thrill. We went to breakfast and celebrated.

I still make money from the song – about 3 dollars a year. The band hated the video and, therefore, the song. To them and their fans, it was selling out. Commercial crap. I hope you enjoy the song more than they did. Sorry about the quality. As always, thanks for listening…

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  1. Really enjoyed your narrative. Finally, you loosened the string and let the cat out of the bag. This song should be re-recorded. I have always loved it.

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