My Favorite TV Commercial

Posted by on February 11, 2011 in News | 1 comment

Here is my favorite TV commercial of all time. When I was a youngster, growing up in upstate New York, television was a lot different than it is now. We only had 4 channels. Some of the shows were in color, but quite a few were still in black and white. TV stations would sign off at midnight and come back on in the morning. But we did have monkey commercials, just like we do today. My brother and I would laugh so hard at the Red Rose Tea commercial. We’d imitate the monkey all day long, rubbing the top of our head and singing “Red Rose Tea” over and over. My mother hated the ad and we’d get a time out if we continued annoying her. My dad thought monkeys were funny. Great memories. Please enjoy a piece of my childhood…

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  1. Thanks for sharing a bit of Mister Cooper’s past with us. I do know you are a monkey fan.

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