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Has it been that long since I last posted something on this website? Indeed it has. Now that school is out for the summer, it’s a good time to catch up. And I want to tell you all about some festive festivities coming up very soon that I hope you can attend.

The last entry in the blog had a picture of me as I was being wheeled in for a sinus operation. It’s been six long weeks of recovery, care and healing. Can you hear the difference in my voice? Me neither. That’s because I’m not done yet. It’s easier to sing, but I still have steroids, antibiotics, and more CT scans to go before I’m 100%. The doctor told me, “that’s why they call it medical practice and not medical perfect.” Wow. Stay tuned…

In case you missed the Facebook post, there is a nice article about the new “I Like Your Hat” CD featured in all 4 of the Valley Community Newspapers. If you’d like to read it, click here for the current issue of “The Land Park News.” Or click the link at the top of the page under “Bio & More” for “Newspaper Articles.” Thanks again, Monica.

Also, there was a Facebook post for the BIG “Food Fun & Family” event this Saturday, June 29, at the Colonial Heights Library Community Room. Starting at 10:00 am and ending at 1:00 pm, this shindig will include free lunch, prizes, a raffle, Zumba lessons, and lots of Mister Cooper music. Laura Rios and the HAVEs organization really know how to throw a party. Come early and stay late. You’ll be glad you did…

And the following evening, on Sunday, June 30, I’ll be singing songs at the “Music in the Park” concert in Curtis Park. If you’ve been a long-time visitor of this website, you know how much I look forward to this show each summer. My sets start at 6:00 pm and 7:30 pm for about 15 minutes of musical fun on the main stage. A really good blues band (the Bad Catz) plays the rest of the night. The sound is great, the park is great, the vibe is great, and the neighbors are great. Find directions by clicking the calendar and date at the side of this page. Did I mention how great it’s going to be? Great!

That’s about it. The fabulous Belle Cooledge Library has extended the music program for another ten weeks, through the middle of September. Thank you Vicki and Donna. Come and visit on a Tuesday (4:00 pm) sometime soon. Have you been enjoying the songs on the new CD? Stay cool, my friends…

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