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My friend, Rosemarie, is having trouble finding new kid music that she and her family can enjoy. I listen to a lot of CDs, many of them filled with children’s music. So, instead of just telling her of my latest favorites, I thought you all might like to know what’s been in the car player these days. Each of these recordings are available in the Sacramento library system. Please check out these CDs and then check out the music. Here are five good ones in no particular order.

First up is “You Are My Little Bird” by Elizabeth Mitchell. She has a newer CD out (also available through the library) but I like this one the best. She has a beautiful, earthy voice that I love listening to. The music is acoustic folk that is soothing and soulful. Her husband lends her a hand with guitars and vocals. She doesn’t write a lot of songs, but she finds great ones to sing. Neil Young, Woody Guthrie, Bob Marley, Gillian Welch, and the Velvet Underground are all represented. Very nice.

Next is “Bedtime Stories for Pirates” by Captain Bogg & Salty. Do you like pirate music as much as I do? This is a CD filled with sea chanties, jigs, pirate rock, and lullabies. The language and vocabulary are all included. This is an older CD as well, but still their best in my opinion. Their videos on YouTube are also fun to watch. If your kids are into pirates, this CD will shiver your timbers (sorry, I couldn’t resist).

My favorite childrens artist right now is Frances England. And though she also has a new CD out, the library does not have a copy. But they do have “Family Tree” and it’s fabulous. Frances is a songwriter that really does a great job writing from a kid’s point of view. She plays “kindie” music, which is alt rock supporting her acoustic guitar. Her CDs all win awards and it’s easy to hear why. Highly recommended.

Being a folk/country/acoustic singer-songwriter, I never really listened to a lot of rap. When I read some reviews about “Underground Playground” by Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, I had to check it out. I’m glad I did! The music and beats are fantastic, the hooks are inventive, and the subject matter is great for kids and parents alike. Witty, funny, clever, and altogether well done. If you have kids that are a little older and enjoy this rap music, here’s where you can meet them half way.

Last but not least, “Many Hands: Family Music for Haiti” is a charity CD recorded for the people of Haiti after the earthquake. Many well known children performers are featured on this outstanding CD of new unreleased songs. Elizabeth Mitchell, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Frances England, Dan Zanes, Pete Seeger, and many more provide a wide variety of tunes. You can feel the compassion from beginning to end.

Happy listening. I hope you find something that you really like. And if you have a favorite of your own you’d like to share with me, please do. Leave a comment or send me an email. Thanks in advance.

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