Mister Cooper CD (2006)

This World CD (2009)

Mister Cooper is for the birds CD (2011) – Winner of a Fall 2011 Parents’ Choice Approved Award

I Like Your Hat CD (2013)

Pirate Ship CD (2015)

The Colors of Us CD (2016)

There are 3 big ways to purchase Mister Cooper music:

#1. Come to a library or another show where I will have all 6 CDs with me. This is the best and least expensive way to get all your favorite sing-along songs. There’s no shipping or handling and you can listen again on the ride home. Plus, I’ll throw in a smile, no extra charge.

#2. The second way is through CD Baby, an online retailer of independent music. Here is their widget where you can listen to samples and buy with confidence.

#3. The third way is to visit Amazon, Rhapsody, or iTunes. You can easily download single songs or complete CDs. Be sure to shop for the best price.

Thank you in advance for your support of my music. I really appreciate it.


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