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I’m still confused. Back when I was growing up, when you were leaving a friendly conversation, you said “Merry Christmas.” Since then, I’ve learned that not everyone was Christian. So, instead of listing all religious celebrations, I learned it was politically correct to say “Happy Holidays.” But that’s not all. What about the change of year? Does “Happy Holidays” include “Happy New Year”? Is it best to say both? I needed something to say that would be all inclusive. My wife said it by accident. Now I say it all the time, every time.

So, to all my friends, young and grown up, and to all your families. Happy Holidays, Merry and Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus (for the rest of us), Happy Hour, Happy Meals, Happy Solstice, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday (Capricorn), Happy Feet, Happy Endings, and Happy Trails to you. Or in other words…


Now for some friendly reminders:

Music time at Belle Cooledge Library will be tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 20) at our usual time (4 pm). Please remember the library will be closed all of next week. The next Sing Along Club meeting will be on Tuesday, January 3, 2012 at 4 pm.

Music time at Valley Hi Library will continue this Thursday (Dec. 22) at 4 pm. We will also be getting together on Thursday, Dec. 29, at 4pm. Did someone say “road trip”?

Words to Live By” coloring books will no longer be provided at library shows starting in 2012. You are now able to print out your own coloring books by clicking on “The Coloring Book” above. Go for it.

All three of my CDs are always available from me for the reduced price of $10 each. Did someone say “great gift idea”?

Thank you all again and again for your support of my music programs. Your attendance at a library, concert, school event, or Farmers Market, is greatly appreciated. I hope to see you soon. But if not…


Click here for a special surprise…

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  1. Happy Everything to you too Mister Cooper!
    Love from the Bath Haus!

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