Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day, everybody. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather and warm temperatures. It’s so nice to sit outside in the morning and relax with a cup of coffee while my cat chases all the bugs in the backyard. And what a relief after a couple of crazy weeks. That’s behind me now and while I love what I do with all the music, I appreciate a quiet moment or two with my favorite planet. April 22 is International Mother Earth Day and it’s observed in 175 countries each year. Started in 1970, this year marks the 42nd anniversary of Earth Day. So go outside, feel the dirt and grass between your toes, take a deep breath of springtime air, and say thank you to good ol’ Mother Earth.¬†Oh yeah…

Please remember that I’ll be back at the Pocket-Greenhave Library this Tuesday, April 24, starting at 11:00 am. And later that same day, we can all get together at Belle Cooledge Library starting at 4:00 pm. Two on Tuesday. And then, Valley Hi Library on Thursday, April 26, starting at 4:00 pm. Thank you all for coming out to see me, saying hello, singing some songs, doing a little dance, and getting your hand stamped. Happy Earth Day and I hope to play your favorite song for you soon.

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  1. We listened to ‘This World’ all day on Earth Day while enjoying our new garden out back. How did everyone else spend the day?

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