Getting Closer….Closer…

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Getting Closer….Closer…


This is a picture (or mix shot) of the Pro Tools mix for the song “I Like Your Hat.” Kinda cool, isn’t it?

Now. Finally. At long last. After so many long months. The end is in sight.

No kidding. The new CD is in its last stages of completion. Here’s the update. The name of the CD is “I Like Your Hat.” It’s going to be 16 songs and last about 43 minutes. All of the songs have been recorded and mixed by Scott McChane, who did such a great job on the last CD, “Mister Cooper is for the birds.” So, that part has been completed. There are still tasks left to be done. But no worries, everything is in place. Scott is going to help me design and lay out the cover. And then the music needs to be mastered. That’s when the mastering engineer (Eric Broyhill) takes all the final mixes and puts them in order, makes sure there is the correct amount of silence between the songs, and then makes everything sound the best it can possibly sound. At that point, the mastered CD and cover design gets sent to the manufacturing plant for final assembly and production. A week later, I’ll get 3 big boxes in the mail filled with the new CDs. And then it’s out of my hands and, hopefully, into yours.

So, the question remains. When will the CD be done? I’d have to say February. But the official release date is not until the middle of March. I want to thank you all for hanging in there with me during this lengthy project. And for not giving me a hard time all the time about it (just sometimes). I really like the way it turned out. I’m thinking you will too. I’ll have them at the libraries as soon as possible. Here are the song titles:

1. I Like Your Hat

2. Anything Is Possible

3. Rise and Shine

4. Horsey

5. Me and You

6. Willow Tree

7. Friend Like Me

8. You’re So Beautiful

9. Get on Your Feet and Dance

10. Pinball Wizard (yep, that one…)

11. Roses Are Red

12. It’s Raining

13. Snacktime

14. Are You a Bully?

15. The Smallest Song

16. Goodnight, Baby

A friend asked me what the difference would be between the last CD and the new one. I told her this – the last Cd was songs for kids and the new CD is songs about kids. I hope you enjoy the new music, both on the CD and live at the library. Thanks again for your continued support. The end is in sight…

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  1. We’re looking forward to hearing both the new and re-recorded songs. The addition of the LAT will make this release a very special one. Thank you, Mister Cooper for bringing the music to us all.

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