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I have recorded 3 CDs of hand made, home made, music for kids and their grownups. Most people are aware of two of them. The first one, Mister Cooper, is filled with songs I’ve sung for years, namely “7 Colors in a Rainbow,” “3 Little Fishies,” “Good Morning To You,” and “Words To Live By (the coloring book song).” And the new CD, Mister Cooper is for the birds, contains many of the songs I sing nowadays, like “Matilda,” “Doctor Seuss is on the Loose,” and “Circle of Seeds.” But the middle recording, This World, is a little bit different. This CD features songs intended for slightly older kids, say age 7 – 12. Lyrically, the words touch on the themes of conservation, kindness, nature, and the history of rock and roll. The last 6 songs link up with the 2nd grade Open Court reading anthology (used by the Sacramento Unified School District). Wow. The music is a little different, as well. Many of the songs include drums and an electric guitar. All in all, maybe not the best choice for a 3 year old getting ready for bed.

But it’s a great choice for rocking out. Recently, I re-mixed and re-mastered two of the songs that I was never quite happy with. One of them, the title track “This World,” can be heard in all it’s newfound glory by clicking on the “Free Music” link above. I hope you like the way it sounds. The other song, “Cool to be Kind,” is much better now that the drums are straightened out. My producer, engineer, and friend, Scott McChane, did a wonderful job making sure these songs sound their best. I can now proudly (re)present this CD to you for your listening enjoyment. “Tiny Tim” is on this CD. So is “Bugs” and “Friend of Mine (the alligator song).” I’m going to start singing more of these songs around town. Remember, your 5 year old will soon be 8 and looking for music that’s a little more grown up. Grown ups like these songs, too. Even the cover has been updated. It’s all good. Thanks for listening. I hope to see you soon at one of the libraries.


  1. Ken, will the new CD version be available for purchase?

  2. Thanks for asking, Rosemarie. All 3 CDs are available from me at a library near you.

  3. I just took a listen. Great Job!

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