Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose

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Whenever I think about bringing a new song into a classroom full of students, I try to find one that will reinforce what they are learning at that time. When I can’t find one, it’s especially gratifying for me to make one up that fits with what the teachers are currently teaching in school.

Dr. Seuss’ (his real name is Theodor Geisel) birthday is March 2nd. We now celebrate it as National Read Across America Day. I really wanted to have a song to commemorate this great writer and event. The song I wrote is titled “Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose” and I started playing it last Tuesday. It’s going over so well with the kids that I think I’ll continue singing it for the whole month of March. Thank you, Dr. Seuss, for all the fabulous books.

Dr. Seuss is on the loose with all his funny friends
Dr. Seuss is on the loose again
Grab a book, take a look
The stories never end
Dr. Seuss is on the loose again

© 2010 Hot Biscuits Music (BMI)

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